Performance Swimming in Kirklees

Yorkshire Championships 2018

Ponds Forge and John Charles Aquatics Centre
Level 1 Long Course (PF for 50’s Sprints) and Short Course (JC -all other event)
Competing – All Qualifiers

BOK achieved – 20 Gold, 17 Silver and 26 Bronze medals and an additional 113 top 10 positions in the finals

Gold– Adam Law, Aliya Bacakoglu (2), Avril Bowler (2), Chloe Hirst, Daniel Jackson, Holly Pearson (3), Jacob Grierson (2), James Plant, Jamie Haigh, Milly Boulding.(6)

Silver– Avril Bowler, Brandon Cartwright, Chloe Hirst (2,) Jacob Grierson, James Plant (3), Jamie Haigh, Chloe Hirst (3), Georgina Wright, Luke Smith (2), Milly Boulding, Niamh Boulding .

Bronze – Adam Law (3), Brandon Cartwright, Chloe Hirst (3,) Georgina Wright, Jacob Grierson, James Plant, Luke Clegg (2), Milly Boulding (3), Rebecca Thornton, Ruby Knight (2), Avril Bowler, Emily Brook, Holly Pearson, Jacob Grierson, Jamie Haigh, Milly Boulding (3) .

Additional Top Ten Placing– Adam Law (5), Alex Stringer (8), Alexandra woodhead (3), Anya Locke (4), Brandon Cartwright (4), Brianna Whitworth (2), Brody Clark (5), Chloe Hirst (6), Daniel Jackson, Edith Hodgson (4), Emily Brook (7), Emily Hirst (3), Emily Oliver (2), Georgina Wright (3), Harrison Laydon- Fritz, Holly Pearson, Jack McCelland, Jacob Grierson (7), James Plant (5,) Jamie Haigh, (7), Jessica Hartley, Louis Cass, Luke Clegg (4), Luke Smith, Martin Smith (5), Niamh Boulding (4), Penny Hobson (2), Rebecca Thornton (3), Rory Bryant( 4), Ruby Knight (9).

Thank you to the Coaches and all the Team Managers for the time given poolside over the weekend.

For the full result :


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